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FEMA Emergency Management Institute announces pilot course

FEMA EMI Pilot Course: E2460 Advanced Building Science Series I

Pilot Course Dates:
May 13-16, 2019

Travel Dates:
May 12 and 17, 2019

Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Emmitsburg, Maryland

Course Description:
This advanced-topics course addresses the everchanging challenges faced from flood and wind risk through a comprehensive approach of planning, compliance, best-practice mitigation and funding. The four-day course is comprised of six half- and full-day modules that will focus on:

1. Flood Provisions of the I-Codes and ASCE-24 (full-day)
2. Incorporating Future Conditions into Flood Design (half-day)
3. Strategies for Maximizing Floodproofing Success (half-day)
4. Steps to a Successful Elevation (full-day)
5. Wind Mitigation for Buildings: Policies & Procedures for Successful Recovery (half-day)
6. Critical Building Performance for Wind (half-day)

For more information, visit http://buildingsciences.nibs.org/PilotAnnouncement_E2460%20ABSS.pdf.

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