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Here ye, Here ye! ….Calling all validated voting members of ICC; the voting window for online Governmental Consensus is set to begin on November 8. While you may be focused on a different vote that day, please mark your calendars to start voting on the outcome of the public comment hearing results! You will have approximately 2-weeks to complete your voting.

By the time you read this, it is likely that the results will already have been posted. Here is the proposed schedule from the ICC website:

Public Comment Hearing Results To be posted: November 2, 2016
Online Governmental Consensus Voting period Approx. Nov 8 – 21, 2016
Summary of Final Action Group B Code Changes To be posted: December 6, 2016

Virginia has always been a leader in the development of codes, let’s keep that going! Get a group together or vote at your leisure at home. Read the changes and listen to the testimony…its available 24-hours a day for two full weeks, please don’t let this opportunity to participate and represent Virginia go by.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Link to cdpACCESS is here:  cdpACCESS


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