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Chapter Merit Award Presented to Virginia Building and Code Officials Association

The Virginia Building and Code Officials Association (VBCOA) was presented with the ICC Chapter Merit Award during this year’s ICC conference held in Kansas City. Chapter Merit Awards are presented to Chapters that distinguish themselves through activities that demonstrate the goals and objectives of the International Code Council.

The VBCOA Chapter has an impressive member base of 1,053, an increase of 100 members within the last year, with approximately 90 percent of the members ICC certified and is an ICC Preferred Provider.

VBCOA encourages members to earn their ICC certification and by obtaining Preferred Provider status the chapter offers sessions at its conferences that enable attendees to earn continuing education towards maintaining their certifications. They have conducted extensive training on cdpACCESS to ensure that its members are comfortable with the process and are encouraged to participate. A scholarship program is also available to assist members to participate in the code development process at the national level.

VBCOA provided funding for members to attend the ICC Energy Conference and eight $1,000 scholarships were awarded to members to attend the ICC Annual Conference in Long Beach, California last year. VBCOA has developed a model code update training program for educating contractors, homebuilders, architects and other professionals in the private sector, as well as training modules, such as accessibility, underground storage tanks, re-roofing requirements for commercial buildings, cdpVA, ADA-compliant egress components, property maintenance, and 2012 code updating training.

It is for their continuous effort to encourage, support, and enable their members to be actively involved in the code development process and in their individual professional development that VBCOA was recognized with this year’s Chapter Merit Award.

DHCD applauds the efforts of VBCOA…congratulations!


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