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Webinar Coming Up: Design of Shelf Angles for Masonry Veneers

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
11 a.m.-noon

Anchored masonry veneer wall systems are commonly used throughout North America in residential, commercial and institutional construction. These exterior masonry veneers are non-load-bearing and are usually assumed to be little more than an exterior finish of building envelope. Using prescriptive design methods, masonry veneer can be supported vertically by foundations for heights less than 30 feet, or supported by the building frame for taller structures. The purpose of this presentation will to present a design methodology for the vertical support of masonry veneers under the current building code provisions, especially in light of the increasing cavity width being specified for higher prescriptive insulation levels. The course is encouraged for architects, engineers, building code officials, general contractors, masons and MAMA members. Continuing Education Credit Hours will be provided. Certificates after completion of the course. The course is free to attend.

W. Mark McGinley, Ph.D, PE, FASTM Professor and Endowed Chair for Infrastructure Research, Civil and Environmental Engineering, J.B. Speed School of Engineering University of Louisville

Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Masonry Association (MAMA)
To register or for more information, click here: Webinar – Design of Shelf Angles for Masonry Veneers.


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