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Introducing Virginia Women in Code Enforcement and Development (VA WICED)

The inaugural meeting of the VA Women in Code Enforcement and Development (VA WICED) took place on Tuesday, September 15 during the VBCOA annual conference. The announcement of VA WICED drew good interest from many at the conference, and the group had 30 people attend the morning meeting.

The fundamental purpose of VA WICED is to promote the value, recognition and professional development of women in code enforcement and development within the commonwealth of Virginia through mentoring, education, networking and collaboration. With the support of VBCOA and VPMIA, along with others, it is the intent of VA WICED to establish a strong membership committed to the professional and leadership development of women in the industry thus creating potential leaders not only for VA WICED, but for all the organizations in Virginia. In addition, VA WICED envisions its efforts in professional development and mentoring to bring more women into the code development arena at both a state and national level.

VA WICED is proud to introduce its founding board of directors.

President: Paula Johnson, Property Code Inspector, Prince William County

Vice President: Elaine Gall, Building Official, University of Virginia

Secretary/Treasurer: Christina Jackson, Senior Codes Special, City of Norfolk

L to R: Christina Jackson, Paula Johnson, and Elaine Gall

L to R: Christina Jackson, Paula Johnson and Elaine Gall

For more information about VA WICED, or the national WICED, contact Christina.reynolds@norfolk.gov or Sandi.morris@dhcd.virginia.gov .

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