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2012 CCT Online Release

The Jack A Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy (VBCA) has announced the first of three code change training online releases. The online version of the training is beneficial for those individuals or localities with limited resources to be out of the office, for certificate holders who enjoy a more self-paced and flexible learning environment, or for those individuals who may want to revisit the training. Starting on Monday, August 11, 2014, individuals with a profile on the Virginia Building Code Academy Knowledge Center, https://covkc.virginia.gov/dhcd/vbca, may access the following code update training modules for DHCD credit:

2012 CCT Administrative
(Admin, Industrialized Building Safety Regulations, Virginia Certification Standards and Virginia Amusement Device Regulations)

2012 CCT Virginia Maintenance Code

2012 CCT Elevator Safety Regulations

 2012 CCT Fire Codes

The remaining CCT online modules are scheduled for release over the next two weeks. For questions on the training or accessing the Virginia Building Code Academy Knowledge Center, contact DHCD staff at (804) 371-7180 or tcu@dhcd.virginia.gov.


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