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2012 Virginia Residential Code Amendment

Solo_logoIn action finalized on July 1, 2014, the Board of Housing and Community Development amended the International Residential Code (IRC) for use under the Virginia Construction Code to delete Section R501.3 in its entirety.

Section R501.3 was a new section in the 2012 IRC requiring protection of the underside of floor assemblies in crawlspaces and basements in new homes.  The board’s action to delete the section resulted from comments received during the final adoption period and the amendment became effective on July 14, 2014, along with the remainder of the code. The issue will be further studied in the board’s 2015 code change cycle.

As DHCD’s state publication of the VCC and the ICC-published Virginia version of the IRC, known as the Virginia Residential Code, were already in print at the time the action was finalized, an errata will be published for both and will be on DHCD and ICC’s websites.

Contact DHCD staff at (804) 371-7150 if there are any questions or for a copy of the official action to delete this section of the IRC.


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