2012 Virginia Published Codes Available Online

Solo_logoThe state publications of the 2012 Virginia Codes (effective July 14, 2014) are now available on the DHCD website.

As in previous years, these booklets are published by the state and include the administrative provisions and the technical amendments to the referenced national codes. The full version of the codes with Virginia amendments included are being published by the International Code Council (ICC) and will be available by the end of the month. Print versions can be purchased from the ICC website at www.iccsafe.org.

As in previous years, there will be an electronic public access site for the full Virginia codes available from ICC’s website. A link to the public access site will be provided from the DHCD website when it is available. This electronic version will be available for viewing by mid-July and will include, for the first time, limited search and print features.


2 comments on “2012 Virginia Published Codes Available Online

  1. How can a clarke county government appoint a person to building official that does not meet section 105.1 of the VUSBC. This individual has no experiance and no certifications. I would like bring this to somebodies attention. The position was never advertized as well. An annoucement should have been made to allow qualified persons to apply for this position.

    • DHCD has no authority of hiring and firing of building officials. We strictly do certifications. The hiring process, including advertising the position, is completely determined by the jurisdiction, and they determine if any combination of education and experience would confer equivalent knowledge. Anyone hired to that position has one year after hire to obtain the required certifications.

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