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Manual J and S training for code officials

April 23-24

Fairfax, Virginia

JackP_VBCAThis free two-day continuing education event will consist of a comprehensive overview of how to perform Manual J and S calculations including a general overview of how to perform these calculations, inputs needed for correct calculations and an understanding of how to review Manual J and S calculations that have been submitted for the purpose of code compliance. The training will assist code officials in understanding fundamental concepts of proper load estimation and apply it in their jobs.

It will be helpful if students attending the class have the ability to read house plans and how areas and volumes are determined. The plans review and field audit will both be addressed as both are necessary to insure that the HVAC contractor has properly sized, designed and installed an optimal system.  Methods to determine if the contractor has met Manual J and S standards will be discussed and the code officials will be shown the procedure of completing a Manual J and S.  It is not the intent of this class to create exports in load estimating but to provide the necessary knowledge to determine if the HVAC contractor is complying with the code.

Students are encouraged, but not required to bring laptops. All other training materials will be provided.

To register, go to https://dmz1.dhcd.virginia.gov/TASO/TASOTCO/Default.aspx . For additional information, contact the Virginia Building Code Academy at tco@dhcd.virgnia.gov or (804) 371-7180.


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