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Exam for Certified Building Official to Change

 ** Guest blogger Rick Witt, Chesterfield County

The ICC Board of International Professional Standards (BIPS) voted recently to change the number of exam test modules required to receive the Certified Building Official (CBO) designation from two to three. This change was driven by the need to raise the level of certification to emphasize and recognize that the building official is the ultimate decision maker in code compliance for new construction. The current requirement is for applicants to obtain a passing score on two test modules: legal/management and technology. The new requirement will require passing scores on separate legal, management, and technology test modules. While the effective date is at least a year away, the CBO Exam Development Committee will be working to develop and strengthen each test module to more accurately reflect the position duties and responsibilities of the building official in their localities. More emphasis will be placed on budgeting, important relationships with other code officials such as fire and property maintenance, knowledge of technical requirements, organizational challenges and more.

Prior to changing the certification requirements, there will be a plan developed and publicized to institute the new requirements and to also accommodate those individuals already in the process. If you should have any questions, contact Rick Witt at wittr@chesterfield.gov.


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