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VBCOA elects new officers

At the annual conference of the Virginia Building Code Officials Association (VBCOA) held earlier this month in Front Royal, the VBCOA membership elected four new leaders.

Elected as president of VBCOA — Cathy Cook, Building Official, Town of Blacksburg

Elected as first vice president — Sean Farrell, Code Compliance Supervisor, County of Prince William

Elected as second vice president — John Walsh, Property Maintenance Official, City of Fredericksburg

Elected as sergeant at arms was David Beahm, Building Official, County of Warren


From left to right: John Walsh, Cathy Cook, Sean Farrell and David Beahm

The new officers were sworn into office by Steve Jones, president of the International Code Council (ICC). In her acceptance speech, newly-elected President Cathy Cook provided an inspirational message for conference attendees that highlighted not only her personal and professional beliefs, but also her hopes for the organization.

Cook stated, “It is my hope that in 2014, we can take on the task of promoting ourselves to our town manager’s, our elected officials and to the citizen’s of Virginia through the media and other marketing tools. We have talked about this on many occasions and its time. It’s time for us to reach out across the state and let people know what we do and why we do it, Safety, safety of our citizens and the safety of those who visit our great state.”

Cook also recognized that VBCOA will be celebrating its 85th anniversary during her year as pPresident, acknowledging the significance of this milestone and the accomplishments of VBCOA throughout the past 85 years.

Cook said, “We are dedicated professionals who are not afraid to create new paths and go where others may not have the courage to go, and we accomplish what others may only think of doing. It’s because of these things and many others that I am proud to be a part of VBCOA, its leadership and its teamwork”.


In keeping with tradition, Cook receives her gavel from all past presidents of VBCOA in attendance at the conference.

Congratulations to President Cook and to all of the newly elected officers of VBCOA!


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