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VBCOA holds annual conference

Kris Bridges

Earlier this month, the Virginia Building Code Officials Association (VBCOA) held their annual conference in Front Royal Virginia.  This year’s conference was presided over by Mr. Kris Bridges, deputy building official for the city of Martinsville and president of VBCOA.

Also attending this year’s conference was Stephen Jones, president of the International Code Council (ICC).  For last six or seven years in a row, the president of the International Code Council has attended Virginia’s Conference.   In addition to Jones, Guy Tomberlin, vice president of ICC, and newly-elected Virginia ICC Board Member Lynn Underwood were also in attendance.

When asked to highlight some accomplishments of his year as president, Bridges was quick to say that the accomplishments he highlights below were the result of hard work performed by the many members of VBCOA.

Kris Bridges receives his Past President pin from ICC President Steve Jones

Kris Bridges receives his past president pin from ICC President Steve Jones.

VBCOA created the Permit Technicians standing committee. This is not only a validation of the hard work they do each day in the building departments across Virginia, but it is a validation of the past year’s extra effort in organizing and educating our permit tech and introducing them to VBCOA.  Bridges indicated that he believes they have now tapped a new resource of committee members, Committee Chairs, and potential members that could easily lead the organization.

VBCOA formed the Code Development Review Ad Hoc Committee to work alongside the Admin Committee Ad Hoc during the Virginia code development cycle, a way for Virginia to provide input when needed to the secondary codes, while not over burdening an existing committee.

They established the High School Technical Training Program Ad Hoc Committee in an effort to provide career and technical information to high school students in vocational construction programs throughout Virginia.

They fulfilled a commitment to provide free training by waiving registration fees for the mid-year meeting, and in addition, they provided scholarships to both ICC and VBCOA conferences in excess of $30,000.

VBCOA continued the proud tradition of Virginia’s participation on almost every national committee at ICC, as well as being instrumental in the Virginia Code Development Process.

And lastly, a Companions Program was organized for this conference, the first time in several years.

Almost 200 attended this year's VBCOA Conference in Front Royal, Virginia

Almost 200 attended this year’s VBCOA Conference in Front Royal, Virginia.

Bridges thanked the membership for their efforts, time commitments and achievements realized over the past year.  In looking to the future, he predicted that VBCOA will continue to be an active and influential participant in the code development process on both a state and national level and will continue to be an innovative and forward-thinking organization of building safety professionals.


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