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Code development is a success

Hats off to the Virginia Plumbing and Mechanical Inspectors Association (VPMIA) and the Virginia Building Code Officials Association (VBCOA)  Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas PMG Committee! This committee submitted a total of 19 public comments for consideration at the Final Action Code Development Hearings held earlier this month in Atlantic City.  Out of those 19 public comments, 16 were found in favor of the position of the public comment, a very impressive 84 percent success rate!

The VPMIA/VBCOA PMG committee also developed positions on all of the overall public comments relevant to plumbing and mechanical portions of the code, including energy provisions that were relevant to mechanical and plumbing.

Based upon the original positions that this committee established, 86 percent of the overall changes were found to be in favor of the committee positions taken. Chairman Shawn Strausbaugh of Arlington, VA gives credit to all of the hard working members of his committee who are so very dedicated, not only to Virginia, but to making a difference across the country.

Kudos to all involved!


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