DHCD to provide one complete complimentary set of 2012 Virginia Building Codes

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is pleased to announce that each jurisdiction responsible for enforcing the Virginia Uniform State Building Code will receive one complete complimentary set of 2012 Virginia Codes!

In order for DHCD to complete negotiations with ICC, we need to know if you prefer to receive your set of Virginia Codes as a printed set or as a premium electronic version.  A survey from DHCD was recently emailed to each building official.

We anticipate that the 2012 Virginia Codes will be printed by late next Spring.  Your jurisdiction will receive its complimentary set shortly thereafter.  The premium electronic versions may take a little longer.  For informational purposes, the premium electronic version will include:

  • Sophisticated search and bookmarking capabilities
  • Ability to highlight words/code sections and add annotations
  • Hyperlinks within each code document for quick access to references within the code
  • Links to ICC copyrighted standards in PDF format and selected public domain standards in PDF format

We need the survey response no later than close of business on Friday, Aug. 30, 2013.  Jurisdictions who do not respond by this date will automatically receive the premium electronic version.


2 comments on “DHCD to provide one complete complimentary set of 2012 Virginia Building Codes

  1. My questions are: what is the definition of a “permanent structure”? Is a 20 foot by 8 foot building with a cement foundation and lighting considered a “peranent structure”? If so is there a Code. Law or Regulation on how close a building like that, in a residential area, can be located too a neighbors property line? I have been told by friends that a permanent structure can not be located within 10 feet of the property line. What I would like is to able to reference a Code, Law or Regulation to that defines that requirement. Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated.
    Thank You Greg Maley 8405 Camden Street, Alexandria VA 22308.

    • Your question is a mix of both building regulations and zoning regulations. It would be best for you to contact the city of Alexandria’s Building Department. Although DHCD adopts the code, the localities are the ones who enforce decisions related to the structure and building codes, and they would be able to provide direction on who to contact for zoning information.

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