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Amusement Device Reminder

Recent news events have focused many of us on amusement park safety and for those in the industry, on the safety regulations. This is just a reminder that the Virginia 2009 Amusement Device Regulations reinstated the twice per year inspections for permanent amusement devices. In addition, 13 VAC 5-31-75 H provides as follows:

“In the enforcement of this chapter, local building department personnel shall have authority to conduct inspections at any time an amusement device would normally be open for operation or at any other time if permission is granted by the owner or operator, to issue an order to temporarily cease operation of an amusement device upon the determination that the device may be unsafe or may otherwise endanger the public and to accept and approve or deny requests for modifications of the rules of this chapter in accordance with the modification provisions of the USBCA link to the full regulations is provided below.”

The full regulations can be found at  http://www.dhcd.virginia.gov/StateBuildingCodesandRegulations/PDFs/2009/Code%20-%20VADR.pdf. Also, remember that the four-day amusement device inspection class is offered every spring at the start of the carnival season and is available to all those seeking certification as an AD inspector or to those holding the certification interested in taking the training as a refresher. For more information, contact the Jack A Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy at tcu@dhcd.virginia.gov.


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