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JPVBCA Lodging Policy

As DHCD prepares for the fall 2013 semester of training, JPVBCA would like to announce a significant change in its lodging policy.  Beginning with courses starting in August 2013, all lodging requests submitted in conjunction with JPVBCA training classes will default to single room accommodations. For those students where tuition may apply, a choice of single or double room accommodations will be available.

JackP_VBCAPlease keep in mind that you can revise your lodging request for any JPVBCA course up to seven days prior to the training by visiting the Online Registration System.

Revisions less than seven days prior to the start of training must be submitted in writing to our office at tcu@dhcd.virginia.gov.

Below are the instructions for making lodging revisions:

  • Log in to the registration site
  • On the left side of the page, locate the “History” tab
  • Click “Training” (underneath the History tab)
  • Locate the course you wish to “change”  the lodging information
  • Make the appropriate revisions

Please note that any lodging fees previously paid for the upcoming semester will be reimbursed to the student/locality.   Should you have any questions, contact our office at (804)-371-7180 or tcu@dhcd.virginia.gov .


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