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Southern Pine: Changes to design values

Many of you may have recently received information regarding the changes to the design values of Southern Pine and are asking if, or how, those changes affect approving current plans.

As of right now, the 2009 Virginia Codes are in effect and that includes the design tables.

Two code changes have been submitted, which will be vetted through the process for the 2012 code cycle. Both of those changes include the new design values, and if approved by the BHCD, will be incorporated into the 2012 Virginia Codes next year.

You always have the option of providing the design professional with the information, in case they want to alter their design.

Here is a link to some FAQs that may be helpful: http://southernpine.com/pdf/Q&A_all%20NDVs_effective%20060113_021513.pdf.


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