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2013 Committee Action Hearings in Dallas

Virginia Code Officials made their way to Dallas for the Committee Action Hearings on the Group B proposed changes to the 2013 Editions of the ICC national codes. Testimony on proposed changes were heard on the IRC building, plumbing and mechanical, ISPSC, IFC, IPMZC, IEBC, ADMIN, IECC, and IRC electrical code provisions.   

Virginia had a total of 84 representatives in Dallas. Many Virginians sat on the dias and made the decisions that will go forward to the final hearings in Atlantic City. VBCOA President Kris Bridges chaired the IRC Building Committee.  Thank you to all who attended and worked tirelessly on our national codes. Because of your efforts, less work will be required to revise the affected sections at the state level.

Below are some of the outstanding Virginians impacting the outcome of our national codes.



VBOCA Past-President Lynn Underwood, from Norfolk, gives
testimony on a code change.








 VBOCA Second Vice President Sean Farrell, from Prince William County,
asks a question at the IPMC hearings.







  ICC and VBCOA committee representative Steve Turchen from Fairfax County.







VBCOA President Kris Bridges chairs the IRC Building Committee.








VBCOA Past President, Ron Clements, Jr. testifies on a proposed code change.







Hanover Building Official and VBCOA Past-President Richard Bartell
listens to testimony.


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