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ICC 2013 Committee Action Hearing Group B Codes coming up this month in Dallas

12-07214_Dallas_Reg_Site_Main_v4On April 21-30 in Dallas, Texas, you will have the opportunity to be heard in the code development process. As a building safety professional, your participation in the hearings will help lead to safer construction, saved lives and reduced property losses.

Hearing participants will consider proposed code changes to the following (Group B) codes:

  • 12-07214_v3cGroup B “Admin” – Includes code change proposals submitted to Chapter 1 of all the I-Codes except the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) and the administrative update of referenced standards in all the 2012 I-Codes. Proposed changes to Chapter 1 of the IECC, IRC, ISPSC and ICCPC will be considered by the applicable Code Development Committee.
  • ICCPC – International Code Council Performance Code® for Buildings and Facilities
  • IEBC – International Existing Building Code®
  • IECC – International Energy Conservation Code®
  • IFC – International Fire Code®
  • IPMC – International Property Maintenance Code®
  • IRC – International Residential Code® for One- and Two-Family Dwellings
  • ISPSC – International Swimming Pool and Spa Code™
  • IWUIC – International Wildland-Urban Interface Code®
  • IZC – International Zoning Code®

To register, click here.


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